Written in the Stars is the third episode of the fifteenth series of the popular British TV show Midsomer Murders and was first aired 25th September 2012.


DCI John Barnaby and DS Ben Jones investigate the murder of 42 year-old Jeremy Harper who was struck on the head with a rock - a piece of meteorite actually - on an outing on Moonstone Ridge with the Midsomer Stanton Astronomical Society to observe a total eclipse of the sun. Harper was the head of the local astronomical society and with his wife Catrina ran a tea room with a small museum on the subject. Her sister Mary has also died in the same location some 8 years before. Harper had had an argument with university professor Lawrence Jansen over the local observatory and his wife was having an affair. A second murder, of local plumber Peter Groves, and then a third death provides Barnaby with the vital clue leading him to the killer.