Wild Harvest is the third episode of the sixteenth series of the popular British crime drama Midsomer Murders and originally aired on 29th January 2014.


When Martin Strickland, a local farmer is found dead in his own woods; covered by truffle oil and mauled to death by a wild boar, the investigation leads DCI Barnaby to Wyvern House, a posh picturesque country house restaurant run by a very passionate celebrity chef. But soon, another murder occurs and this time, the poison spreads further than the intended target.


In the woods at Midsomer Wyvern, DCI John Barnaby and DS Charlie Nelson investigate the death of local farmer Martin Strickland who was found tied to a tree and apparently killed by wild animals. The body was found by Lizzy Thornfield who lives in a small cottage in the woods. Strickland's wife Camilla said he had gone out in the night because there had recently been a theft of truffles - valued at £10,000. She also tells Barnaby that he often fell out with people most recently with chef Ruth Cameron and her husband Johnny Linklater who run Malvern House, a posh restaurant that had once been Strickland's family home. He was also having an affair with Angela Linklater, a local pub owner who claims Camilla had threatened her with a shotgun a few months before. Strickland may have been planning a housing estate and its learned that he's left everything to his daughter Amy and nothing to Camille. Amy is soon dead however from eating hemlock, mistaken for wild celery, in the restaurant's kitchen. Barnaby soon realizes that the poison was meant for someone else and that the killer will obviously try again.