The Magicians Nephew is the fifth episode of the eleventh series  of the popular Britsh crime drama Midsomer Murders and was originally broadcast on 27th July 2008.


DCI Barnaby and DS Jones investigate the Midsomer Magic Circle and a pagan cult called The Temple of Thoth when a magician's assistant dies during an act.


DCI Barnaby and DS Jones investigate the murder Jean Wildacre who was killed on stage while assisting at a children's magic show. Someone had tampered with the blades on The Cabinet Of Death by coating them with the venom of the poison dart frog. The magician, Aloysius Wilmington, has a lot of enemies in the village owing to a book he had published debunking the occult in general and a local cult, the Temple of Thoth, in particular. The Temple's leader, Ernest Balliol, is outraged by Wilmington's book and barely kept in check by his son Tristan, a respected solicitor. The elder Balliol is fixated on getting his hands on a very old and valuable book that he is convinced is to be found in Wilmington's vast library. Wilmington's nephew Simon is cataloging the works and Balliol's daughter Isolde is using her female charms on him. A second and a third murder soon follow but a unknown family secret lies behind the crimes.