Shot at Dawn is the first episode of the eleventh series of the popular British crime drama Midsomer Murders and originally aired 1 January 2008.


The Court Marshall and execution of Tommy Hicks for desertion during World War 1, ignites a feud between the Hammonds and the Hicks, which lasts for 90 years. Duggie Hammond always felt guilty about his forced involvement in Tommy's unjust death. During a ceremony at the village war memorial Tommy's son, Lionel, unveils a plaque for his father. Colonel Henry Hammond, who supported the execution, finds the ceremony farcical and lets his feelings be known. When Henry is later executed Barnaby and Jones investigate.


The Hammonds and the Hicks have been feuding for over 90 years ever since Pvt. Tommy Hicks was found guilty of cowardice under fire and executed by a firing squad commanded by Lt. Duggie Hammond. The Hicks family has managed to have the good name of Pvt. Hicks restored, must to the consternation of the elder Colonel Henry Hammond, and the ill-filling between them continues. The Hicks are nouveau-riche and just love sticking it to the landed Hammonds who have their own problems. Col. Hammonds son Johnny is gay and unhappily married to Arabella while their daughter Kate just can't understand why her mother married the man in the first place. Their other daughter Sophie is going to marry Will Hicks to the consternation, or amusement, of both families. When Henry is killed - with Duggie's 1916 pistol - and an attempt to bomb the elder Lionel Hicks goes awry, Barnaby and Jones have a case to solve. There will be another death before they get to the bottom of it however.