Series Ten of Midsomer Murders premiered 12 November 2006, and concluded on 28 August 2007.


Series RegularsEdit

Name Portrayed by Occupation Notes
Detective Chief Inspector Tom Barnaby John Nettles DCI Causton CID
Detective Sergeant Ben Jones Jason Hughes DS Causton CID
Woman Police Constable Gail Stephens Kirsty Dillon WPC Midsomer Constabulary Kirsty Dillon joined the castin the episode entitled Death and Dust. Kirsty Dillon did not appear in the episode entitled Picture of Innocence.
Mrs. Joyce Barnaby Jane Wymark Wife of DCI Barnaby
Ms. Cully Barnaby Laura Howard Daughter of DCI Barnaby
Dr. George Bullard Barry Jackson Chief pathologist of Midsomer County.

Episodes Edit

Midsomer Murders Series Ten Episode List
Overall Episode Number Within the Series Series Number Order Number Title Broadcast Date Screenplay or Episode Writer Director Notes
52 10 1 Dance with the Dead 12 November 2006 Peter J. Hammond Peter Smith
53 10 2 The Animal Within 19 January 2007 David Hoskins Renny Rye
54 10 3 King's Crystal 26 January 2007 Steve Trafford Peter Smith
55 10 4 The Axeman Cometh 2 February 2007 Michael Aitkens Renny Rye This episode introduced the character of Simon Dixon portrayed by Sam Hazeldize
56 10 5 Death and Dust 8 May 2007 Douglas Watkinson Sarah Hellings This episode introduced WPC Gail Stephens portrayed by Kirsty Dillon,
57 10 6 Picture of Innocence 3 June 2007 Andrew Payne Richard Holthouse DCI Barnaby is suspended from duty because, he is a suspect in the case.Kirsty Dillon did not appear in this episode.
58 10 7 They Seek Him Here 21 August 2007 Barry Purchese Sarrah Hellings
59 10 8 Death in a Chocolate Box 28 August 2007 Tony Etchells Richard Holthouse This was the final episode of series ten. Cully and Simon announce their engagement

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