Reverend 'Preaching' Pete Kubatski was a character appearing in the episode Second Sight of the ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders. He was the rector of Midsomer Mere church. His nickname, 'Preaching Pete' came about because of his lack of a congregation in the 'Second Sight' obsessed village of Midsomer Mere, despite his reputation as a grand orator in other parishes. Meek and mild to the exterior, he is actually dangerously psychotic - a triple murderer and religious fanatic.

Having endured a long and bitter series of failures at his new parish, he was about to be recalled. But unable to take confirmation of his failure from John Ransom, he murdered him in a fit of rage. He then proceeded to commit several other murders to cover up his crime, and to kidnap a mother and child who were part of his congregation to forcibly baptize Baby Kirby only to be stopped by Barnaby.


  1. Murder of John Ransom
  2. Attempting to pervert the course of justice by framing John's brother Max
  3. Murder of Dr. Gregory Ransom
  4. Murder of Max Ransom
  5. Kidnap of Emma Kirby
  6. Kidnap of Christine Kirby
  7. False imprisonment
  8. Grievous bodily harm on Little Mal Kirby

It is assumed that after Second Sight Kubatski was tried and imprisioned for his crimes, or declared unfit to plead on the grounds of diminished responsibility and locked up in an asylum.