Hilary Inkpen is a character appearing in the episode Garden of Death of the ITV crime drama Midsomer Murders. She is the daughter of Elspeth Inkpen-Thomas and the younger half-sister of Fliss Inkpen-Thomas.


Born out of wedlock to Elspeth Inkpen-Thomas and Richard Deverell, Hilary was given to an orphanage at birth without her father's knowledge and was eventually adopted into a nice family. Years later, Hilary discovered her true parentage and tried to reunite with her biological family.

Hilary was given a job as a maid to the Inkpen's family estate and became increasingly traumatized by their cruel and jealous nature.

Though her mother seemingly cared for her enough to give her a job and welcome her into the Inkpen Family, both Hilary's grandmother Naomi Inkpen and her half-sister Fliss Inkpen-Thomas liked to treat her at best, with cruel indifference, and at worse, outright hostility believing that she was trying to worm her way into the inheritance.