Hilary Inkpen is the daughter of Elspeth Inkpen-Thomas and the younger half-sister of Fliss Inkpen-Thomas. She is the main antagonist of the Garden of Death having callously murdered several people, including her mother and sister out of revenge.

Background Edit

Born out of wedlock to Elspeth Inkpen-Thomas and Richard Deverell, Hilary was given to an orphanage at birth without her father's knowledge and was eventually adopted into a nice family. Years later, Hilary discovered her true parentage and tried to reunite with her biological family.

Hilary was given a job as a maid to the Inkpen's family estate and became increasingly traumatized by their cruel and jealous nature.

Though her mother seemingly cared for her enough to give her a job and welcome her into the Inkpen Family, both Hilary's grandmother Naomi Inkpen and her half-sister Fliss Inkpen-Thomas liked to treat her at best, with cruel indifference, and at worse, outright hostility believing that she was trying to worm her way into the inheritance.

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