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The Green Man


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Gavin Troy was a Detective Sergeant working with Tom Barnaby and is his first deputy. He is a local man and in the episode Written in Blood stated that he attended Causton comprehensive from 1983 to 1990. He is young to be a detective sergeant, a point often commented on. He is very bright and ambitious, though it is usually his boss who solves the crime, often after Troy has made the wrong conclusion. In contrast to the tolerant Barnaby, Troy is one to make non-politically correct remarks, often concerning his disdain for homosexuals. He is known to make other inappropriate comments, often at the least fortunate times. He was promoted to Detective Inspector and transferred to Middlesbrough at the beginning of the seventh series. His relationship with Barnaby has always been warm and the two make a formidable pair. He makes a one off re-appearance in the Series 11 episode "Blood Wedding", to attend the wedding of Cully Barnaby.

Personality and appearanceEdit

The character of Troy is a very different character to that of the one in the novels by Caroline Graham.


In one or two episodes, Gavin has been seen with Cully, Barnaby's delightful daughter.

In series 1, "Death in Disguise" at about 47 minutes into the episode Gavin is seen wearing what appears to be a gold band on his left hand on the finger normally associated with a wedding ring.

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