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Ep ID Title Director Writer Air Date
Pilot.1 The Killings at Badger's Drift Jeremy Silberston Anthony Horowitz 23 March 1997
A gentle stroll in the Badger's Drift's wood for Miss Emily Simpson ends in tragedy. To the village doctor Miss Simpson's death looks natural but her old friend Lucy Bellringer is unconvinced. Lucy eventually draws the unwilling Chief Inspector Detective Barnaby into the case.Barnaby's investigation reveals old rivalries, old loves and new scandals. Then a second horrifying killing shocks Barnaby into running the murderer to ground.
1.1 Written In Blood Jeremy Silberston Anthony Horowitz 22 March 1998
Gerald Hadleigh, secretary of the Midsomer Worthy's Writer's Circle never wanted to invite best selling novelist, Max Jennings, to one of their meetings. When Gerald is found dead the next morning from a brutal battering, the other members of the circle wish they had heeded his reluctance.Inspector Barnaby soon discovers that Gerald is a man of mystery with a past. When another body is found in Midsomer Worthy, Barnaby has a double murder on his hands.
1.2 Death of a Hollow Man Jeremy Silbertson Caroline Graham 29 March 1998
At The Corn Exchange, preparations are in full swing for the forthcoming production of Amadeus, unaware that nearby the body of a local resident, Agnes Grey is about to be found floating in the river.Barnaby sets out to discover who has perpetrated the crime, however before he can conclude his investigations, there is trouble at the theatre.
1.3 Faithful Unto Death Baz Taylor Douglas Watkinson 22 April 1998
A project to redevelop the Old Mill is struggling financially and many of the inhabitants of Morton Fendle believe that they have been conned out of a considerable sum of money.When the wife of the wealthy mill owner goes missing Barnaby suspects that she has been kidnapped and sets out to unravel the mystery.
1.4 Death in Disguise Baz Taylor Douglas Watkinson 6 May 1998
There is a death at The Lodge of the Golden Windhorse. At the commune William Carter is found at the bottom of the stairs with a broken neck. Barnaby and Troy are called in to find out if this was a simple accident or if there are more sinister goings on.A few days later Barnaby and Troy are called back to The Lodge, only this time there is no doubt.
2.1 Death's Shadow Jeremy Silberston Anthony Horowitz 20 January 1999
A successful theatrical director, Simon Fletcher, arrives in Badger's Drift, his head filled with disturbing childhood memories. Shortly after his arrival, Richard Bayly, a wealthy property developer is brutally murdered.Bayly, who had recently been diagnosed as having a brain tumour, was planning to redevelop a local estate in the village, much to the anger of the residents. Barnaby and Troy are called to investigate.
2.2 Strangler's Wood Jeremy Silberston Anthony Horowitz 3 February 1999
The beautiful young Brazilian, Carla Constanza is the face of 'Carla' brand cigarettes, a popular brand of South American cigarettes in which Monarch Tobacco, a company based in Midsomer Worthy, has a significant stake.When the body of a young Brazilian woman is found in Raven's Wood, strangled with a striped neck tie, Barnaby and Troy are called in to solve the crime.
2.3 Dead Man's Eleven Jeremy Silberston Anthony Horowitz 12 September 1999
The village of Fletcher's Cross is astounded when a rich businessman's wife is found bludgeoned to death by a cricket bat. Whilst the victim had no apparent enemies, her husband, Robert Cavendish, was hated by all and sundry.Robert's arch enemy Frasier, who worked for Cavendish until a quarry explosion killed his partner, Cavendish's son Steven, who despised his father, Zelda, the sprightly, sly spinster who abhorred Cavendish because of his plan to fence off footpaths crossing his land. All had reasons for wishing harm on Robert, but why would anyone kill his wife?Barnaby and Troy set out to uncover the truth.
2.4 Blood Will Out Moira Armstrong Douglas Watkinson 19 September 1999
Barnaby and Troy are called in to help keep the peace in the village of Martyr Warren when, to the extreme anger of Falklands War veteran Major Hector Bridges, two rival clans of travellers arrive.The caravans keep coming and then on the afternoon of a pony chariot race, organised by the travellers, Major Hector is shot dead.Barnaby is convinced that there must be a link between a certain traveller's arrival and Hector's murder and begins to investigate Hector's past.
3.1 Death of a Stranger Moira Armstrong Douglas Watkinson 31 December 1999
As the Upper Marshwood hunt heads off into the distance with the unforgettable sound of the horses and hounds in pursuit of the fox, a filthy tramp runs for cover in the woods, he stumbles and falls into a pit screaming.Barnaby is on holiday when he hears about the death and is surprised to learn that Chief Inspector Pringle has arrested Billy Gurdie, a local, well known for petty crime. Barnaby isn't convinced but when the body of Billy's father is discovered it looks as is the Chief Inspector was right all along. Barnaby decides to find out more about the villagers.
3.2 Blue Herrings Peter Smith Hugh Whitemore 22 January 2000
Barnaby's favourite Aunt, Alice, is recuperating at the Lawnside Rest Home when one of her fellow residents dies. There doesn't seem to be any suspicious circumstances and it is assumed to be just a case of old age. Aunt Alice, however, is not so sure.Alice complains of hearing footsteps in the corridor in the dead of night and claims to have spotted a stranger sneaking around the place. When one resident is found dead followed by another. Barnaby and Troy take notice and set out to uncover the truth.
3.3 Judgement Day Jeremy Silberston Anthony Horowitz 29 January 2000
Preparations are well under way in Midsomer Mallow for the Perfect Village Competition. However, when the body of local rogue Peter Drinkwater is found with a pitchfork protruding from his chest, the village people are determined to keep it quiet. After all he was hardly popular in the village. Angry parents, jealous husbands, victims of crimes believed to have been perpetrated by the deceased and disgruntled lovers all had reason to want to see the back of Drinkwater.Meanwhile, as the Perfect Village Competition gets under way one of the judges is poisoned in view of the entire village. Barnaby and Troy must unravel the web of lies if they are to solve the murders.
3.4 Beyond the Grave Peter Cregeen Douglas Livingstone 5 February 2000
When a portrait of Jonathan Lowrie, a wealthy royalist who was killed by a Roundhead musketeer, is slashed at the Aspern Tallow Museum, Barnaby and Sergeant Troy are called in to investigate.A strange series of events follows the act of vandalism in the Aspern Tallow village. The local art restorer is convinced that the picture resembles her recently departed husband, the church bells start ringing out in the middle of the night, a packing case in the museum catches fire whilst the two detectives look on and the body of Marcus Lowrie, a distant relative of the man in the portrait, is found beaten to death in his ancestor's grave.
4.1 Garden of Death Peter Smith Christopher Russell 10 September 2000
The Inkpen-Thomas family, owners of Inkpen Manor in Midsomer Deverell, announce that their memorial garden will no longer be open to the public. The villagers are furious, however, are any of them angry enough to kill?When members of the Inkpen family are murdered, closure of the garden looks like a possible motive. However Barnaby and Troy uncover many family secrets during the course of their investigations.
4.2 Destroying Angel David Tucker David Hoskins 26 August 2001
When Gregory Chambers, the manager of the Easterly Grange Hotel, fails to turn up at the owner's funeral and the rather unconventional Punch and Judy Show, the villagers know that something is seriously wrong.A search of the local woods in Easterly Grange, where Gregory spent much of his time collecting mushrooms, leads to the discovery of a severed hand, presumably belonging to the missing man and it is not long before Barnaby and Troy are investigating a whole series of killings and attempted murders.
4.3 The Electric Vendetta Peter Smith Terry Hodgkinson 2 September 2001
The body of criminal Ronnie Stokes is found in the middle of a crop circle in Midsomer Parva with his hands burnt, puncture wounds in his back and a chunk of his hair missing. Lloyd Kirby, the local Ufologist, believes that it is the work of extra terrestrials, however Barnaby and Troy are not convinced by his theory.When the body of a second criminal is found in similar circumstances the detectives set out to find what links the murders and who could be perpetrating the crimes.
4.4 Who Killed Cock Robin? David Tucker Jeremy Paul 9 September 2001
An Irish stranger vanishes after being knocked down by Dr. Burgess on his way home from an evening of drinking.Barnaby discovers the visitor to be Sean O'Connell, a disgraced eterinary surgeon turned horse whisperer, then his search brings him face to face with an old adversary Melvyn Stockard.Stockard's daughter is about to be married, however, when the body of the best man's father is found in the well the wedding looks to be in jeopardy. It is no secret that Stockard was opposed to the marriage but would he murder to stop it going ahead?
4.5 Dark Autumn Jeremy Silberston Peter J. Hammond 16 September 2001
Postman Dave Cutler is murdered on his early morning rounds in the tiny hamlet of Goodman's Land. The brutal killing rocks the community where Woman_police_constable&redirect no WPC Jay Nash is more used to dealing with traffic cones than slashed throats.With WPC Nash's help, Barnaby and Troy discover that the postman offered more than just a postal service to the female villagers and that they are several jealous husbands or jilted lovers who might have wanted him dead.After a woman's body is found on the village green with the same horrific injuries, the motive doesn't look quite so straightforward.
5.1 Tainted Fruit Jeremy Silberston Peter J. Hammond 23 September 2001
Several of the ladies of Midsomer Market belong to the Midsomer Market Reading Club, a selective reading group. The women include the recently widowed Marjorie Empson. Ginny Stockton, a glamorous divorcee, Tamsin Proctor, the wife of a mean stockbroker, and Lady Lavinia Chetwood. Actually being a cover and rather than reviewing books, the women meet to invest in the stock market and, thanks to some inside information, they are rather successful. When the club organiser is found battered to death, Barnaby and Troy investigate and discover that many of the villagers had secrets, however, would any of them be motivated to murder?
5.2 Market for Murder Sarah Hellings Christopher Russell 16 June 2002
Death threats against the daughter of the manor, Melissa Townsend, bring Barnaby and Sergeant Troy to the affluent village of Midsomer Malham. Melissa is blamed by some for causing the death of a local poacher.District nurse Sally Rickworth, is found in a confused state at the wheel of her crushed car, on the same day that a quantity of barbiturates and syringes are discovered stolen from the veterinary surgery. Later that day the detectives find Melissa dead, with a syringe in her stomach.
5.3 A Worm in the Bud David Tucker Michael Russell 23 June 2002
The ancient Setwale Wood has provided remedies for the people of Midsomer for many decades. Now it is the subject of court action by villagers to prevent the impecunious owner of Abbey Farm, James Harrington, from cutting it down to raise finance. Leading light of the 'save the wood campaign' is neighbouring farmer, Simon Bartlett.The case goes before Causton Crown Court and, after the ruling, a fight breaks out between the two farmers. The next day the body of Simon Bartlett's wife is found in Setwale Wood. Barnaby and Troy investigate.
5.4 Ring Out Your Dead Sarah Hellings Andrew Payne 15 September 2002
The bell-ringers of Midsomer Wellow are preparing for the local Striking Competition which is due to be hosted at their church. Not everybody sees this as a great honour for the community, some of the villagers find the noise made by the ringers as the bane of their lives.When the bell-ringer and womaniser Greg Tutt is shot dead, Barnaby and Troy are called in to investigate, But what is the motive for the murder? A jealous husband? A disgruntled villager? Or a rival team from the competition?Other murders follow and as Barnaby and Troy investigate they uncover seedy goings on in the village.
5.5 Murder on St. Malley's Day Peter Smith Andrew Payne 22 September 2002
There is trouble at Devington school in the village of Midsomer Parva. During the annual St. Malley's Day race, Daniel Talbot is stabbed. Daniel is a member of The Pudding Club, a secret society which comprises of elite students from the school. Who committed the attack? Was it someone from the local village who had a grudge against the school or was the assault motivated by activities at the school?If Barnaby and Troy are to unravel the mystery they must first break the silence that shrouds the club.
6.1 A Talent for Life Sarah Hellings David Hoskins 3 January 2003
In Malham Bridge, former socialite and feisty pensioner Isobel Hewitt is accused of assault by fellow fly fisherman Margaret Seagrove. When Barnaby and Troy investigate the allegations they discover all is not well on the Midsomer riverbanks. The investigation takes a more serious turn when two bodies are discovered in the river. Are they victims of a chance attack by poachers or was there a more sinister motive?
6.2 Death and Dreams Peter Smith Peter J. Hammond 10 January 2003
The quiet of Midsomer Worthy is shattered by the suicide of Martin Wroath. A gambler, drinker and depressive, the complex nature of his death attracts Barnaby's attention. Wroath had received treatment from the local psychiatric hospital, under the supervision of Dr Jane Moore. The doctor is a widow who juggles her career with being a mother of three children. Her 'Care in the Community' approach does not meet with the approval of many of the villagers.
6.3 Painted in Blood Sarah Hellings Andrew Payne 17 January 2003
Joyce Barnaby has enrolled in an art class that takes her to the village green in Midsomer Florey. The village is also under surveillance by Barnaby and Troy who are busy with 'Operation Pondlife' an initiative designed to combat street crime. After Joyce finds the body of one of her fellow artists the two detectives investigate, and uncover, more than they expected. With his wife as the star witness, Barnaby is taken off the case and Troy continues the investigation alongside the National Intelligence Squad.
6.4 A Tale of Two Hamlets Peter Smith Alan Plater 24 January 2003
The Smthe-Websters are a rich family whose wealth and power dominate the two local villages of Upper and Lower Warden Manor. The Head of the Manor's nephew, Larry, is killed in an explosion which appears to be related to the recent making of a horror film, based on the village's history. Larry's Uncle was producing the film and sees the death as good publicity. Barnaby and Troy begin to wonder just how far the Smythe-Websters would go for more money and power?
6.5 Birds of Prey Jeremy Silberston Michael Russell 31 January 2003
Troy and WPC Sarah Pearce are in Midsomer Magna investigating a wildlife crime while Barnaby follows up the discovery of the car and body of Julian Shepherd in the river. Elsewhere Mallory Edmonton is keeping her husband Charles, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease, sedated and under lock and key in the attic. It transpires that Julian had money worries after investigating Charles Edmonton's secret invention. Charles dies and the two detectives must act fast if they are to uncover what really happened.
7.1 The Green Man Sarah Hellings Michael Russell 2 November 2003
A local businessman has organised a clean up of canal and Joyce and Cully are among the volunteers. Troy receives some good news about his Inspector's exams, however the celebrations are cut short when there is a call to say the canal tunnel has collapsed and Barnaby's wife is trapped inside. The tunnel also reveals a number of skeletons one of which is not as old as first thought.Meanwhile two people are shot dead in Midsomer Worthy, and Troy is assigned to his own case.
7.2 Bad Tidings Peter Smith Peter J. Hammond 4 January 2004
D.S. Scott arrives from London the day after the Midsomer Mallow Residents' Association Spanish evening at the Village Hall. Before Scott can settle in he and Barnaby are already investigating a murder. The victim stormed out of the dance the night before after a row with her husband and is found wearing her Flamenco dress, with a red rose in her mouth. Meanwhile Cully is organising a reunion with four of her old school friends that she hasn't seen for ten years.
7.3 The Fisher King Peter Smith Elizabeth-Anne Wheal 18 January 2004
David Heartley Reade, the son of a local Archaeologist, has written a book which tells of a golden chalice and ritual spear found in Midsomer Barrow. David is also eager for a festival of summer solstice to be held at The Barrow. The landowner, Anne Heldman, will not allow the celebration to take place and Anne's son Gareth points this out to David at a book signing. Later, when David finds Gareth's lifeless body by the riverbank, Barnaby and Scott investigate.
7.4 Sins of Commission Richard Holthouse Elizabeth-Anne Wheal 11 January 2004
The Midsomer Literary Festival is being held in Midsomer St. Michael and is being sponsored by Sam Callaghan's publishing company. Each year a prize of £20,000 goes to the most unpublished author.A writer is found dead at the bottom of his stairs. The dead man was depressed after an unsuccessful novel for which he blamed the publisher, Callaghan. The detectives investigate and discover the writer's neck has been expertly broken, also that another writer short listed for this year's prize is a former member of the SAS and local troublemaker.
7.5 The Maid in Splendour Richard Holthouse Andrew Payne 25 January 2004
There is a change afoot in Midsomer Worthy. Lawrence Haggard is looking to redevelop the village. One of Haggard's business associates is Stephen Bannarman, the owner of The Maid in Splendour public house.Shortly after closing time Jamie Cruickshank, who works in the bar of The Maid in Splendour, is shot in the back outside a ramshackle old cottage in Hunter's Wood. Barnaby and Scott must unravel the mystery and catch the killer, but why would anyone kill Jamie?
7.6 The Straw Woman Sarah Hellings Jeff Dodds 29 February 2004
Ex-nightclub owner Alan Clifford, has bought the local manor and is at loggerheads with the church about use of the chapel. He has transformed the building into a leopard skin and red velvet boudoir.The villagers are re-enacting a pagan celebration where witches were burned at the stake. Liz Francis, a young teacher who is new to the village, is organising the children's song and dance. As the bonfire is lit there is a piercing scream. The cry is from the curate Alex Dakin who has been placed inside the burning straw effigy.
7.7 Ghosts of Christmas Past Renny Rye David Hoskins 25 December 2004
It is Christmas in Midsomer and a shot rings out from the Villers' home, Draycott House. Nine years later the entire family reunites again at the house. Meanwhile DCI Barnaby heads home for Christmas but all things have a habit of happening around the season of goodwill.The Villers family return home from church, Aunt Lydia gets locked in the garage and the engine of the car starts itself. Lydia is rescued in the nick of time, however, Later that evening she has your mum down the stairs. The two detectives take a break from the Christmas festivities to investigate.

Things That Go Bump in the Night

Peter Smith Peter J. Hammond 10 October 2004
In the Fletcher's Cross Village Hall, Rosetta Price is seated with her eyes closed, watched by an eager audience. She is the medium of the Spirit of Friendship group and issues a warning of impending sorrow for someone that evening. Shortly afterwards the body of renowned skinflint and local funeral director Patrick Pennyman is discovered by his wife. Is this just a coincidental case of suicide?To unravel the mystery Barnaby and Scott must delve into the mystical goings on at the spiritualist group.
8.2 Dead in the Water Renny Rye Douglas Watkinson 17 October 2004
The villagers of Midsomer are soaking up the sun at the Midsomer Regatta. However, the tranquillity of the race is shattered when the Veteran's race is interrupted by a body in the water. It is Guy Sweetman, Chairman of Midsomer Rowing Club who has been knocked unconscious and drowned.Guy was a serial philanderer who 'didn't play the field as the entire countryside!' Was he murdered by a jealous husband or was there a more sinister motive? Barnaby and Scott take to the water to unravel the mystery.
8.3 Orchis Fatalis Peter Smith Terry Hodgkinson 9 January 2005
The annual Flower and Orchid show at Malham Manor is a gentle village affair, with DCI Barnaby manning the Tombola. Simmering underneath this charming scene bubbles intense tension and rivalry between the orchidaceous horticulturists. When two Orchid Society members are found dead Barnaby realises how vicious the competition is for these beautiful, expense and rare plants. Together with Sergeant Scott he sets about solving the crimes.
8.4 Bantling Boy Sarah Hellings Steve Trafford 16 January 2005
It is the big race of the season in Midsomer. The Causton Gold Cup. The local favourite is Bantling Boy, a horse owned by a syndicate led by Bruce Hartley. After a last minute jockey change Bantling Boy wins and Sam Tate offers to buy him. The syndicate cannot agree on whether or not to sell. Shortly after this heated debate Bruce Hartley is brutally clubbed to death. Barnaby and Scott investigate
8.5 Second Sight Richard Holthouse Tony Etchells 23 January 2005
The Landlord of The Luck in the World public house in Midsomer Mere throws John Ransom out of his bar. There is a scuffle and moments later Ransom is dead. Barnaby and Scott investigate and discover that Ransom's brother Max has been experimenting on him, testing for precognition, E.S.P. or second sight. But what was it that killed him? The fight, the tests, or something more sinister?
8.6 Hidden Depths Sarah Hellings David Hoskins 13 March 2005
Felicity Turner and Antonia Wilmot are having morning coffee discussing their husbands. They hear shouts and moments later a man falls from the roof. They rush outside and find the body of Felicity's husband Nick. Barnaby and Scott are called in to investigate and discover that the Turners are heavily in debt. But was this suicide or does the shouting suggest something more sinister?
8.7 Sauce for the Goose Renny Rye Andrew Payne 3 April 2005
Plummer & Sons make a relish which is popular not just in Midsomer but throughout the world. The company is still family owned, however, there is unrest in the bedroom when a rival company tenders an offer to buy the business. To make matters worse a mysterious visitor on a factory tour is crushed to death by a forklift truck. Barnaby and Scott are called it to investigate.
8.8 Midsomer Rhapsody Richard Holthouse Richard Cameron 2 October 2005
Retired music teacher, Arthur Leggott, wanders from the Cedars Care Home in the middle of the night only to be found murdered the next morning in his soon to be auctioned home. When Barnaby and Scott discover a priceless musical score composed by Arthur's revered pupil, the late Joan Alder, they revive a terrible rivalry amongst her many admirers for posthumous ownership of her work.
9.1 The House in the Woods Peter Smith Barry Simner 9 October 2005
With the help of acting DC Ben Jones, Barnaby investigates the garrotting of Caroline and Peter Cave outside Winyard, a deserted cottage in Midsomer Newton. Despite a reputation for being haunted, it is a magnet to villagers, developers and fanatical conservationists alike. Barnaby and Jones must separate the truth from rumour in order to reveal Winyard's secrets and catch the killer.
9.2 Dead Letters Renny Rye Peter J. Hammond 26 February 2006
It is the first day of Oak Apple Week in Midsomer Barton when Marion Slade, a loner suffering from depression is found drowned. It looks like suicide, driven by grief for her dead daughter, a former carnival queen. Barnaby and Jones investigate, but was it suicide or murder?During the investigation, Barnaby is shaken by the appearance of two villagers who look like murder victims from his past. When another body is found, it appears the festivities have stirred up a cocktail of adultery, unrequited love and revenge in the village.
9.3 Vixen's Run Peter Smith Michael Aitkens 5 March 2006
The death of aristocrat Sir Freddy Butler brings Barnaby and Jones to the privileged surroundings of Haddington Hall. When Sir Freddy invites his family, including both his ex-wives and the current Lady Butler, for dinner he suffers what appears to be a heart attack. When his Will disappears and his lawyer killed in an arson attack, the detectives close in on Freddy's family What are they hiding - and where are the mysterious Haddington emeralds?
9.4 Down Among the Dead Men Renny Rye Douglas Watkinson 12 March 2006
When council clerk Martin Barrett is shot dead, Barnaby and Jones discover he was an expert blackmailer. As they investigate which of his victims hated him enough to kill him, the trail leads to Fennacombe Bay. Why are Richard and Maggie Florian spending so much time by the sea and could police committee chairman Sir John Waverley have a scandalous past? With the help of a policeman turned fisherman, Barnaby takes to the waves to find out.
9.5 Four Funerals and a Wedding Sarah Hellings Elizabeth-Anne Wheal 24 September 2006
At the Skimmington Fayre, openly misogynistic reverend Anthony Gant is shot dead, not long after his cousin Mildred Danvers has passed away in the nigh. Barnaby is not convinced that Mildred died from natural causes. With the long standing battle of the sexes coming to a head at the Skimmington Fayre it is possible to fathom who has got a motive for murder. It takes a photograph and a cognitive leap for Barnaby to solve this mystery.
9.6 Country Matters Richard Holthouse Andrew Payne 10 September 2006
Frank Hopkirk is found dead in a deserted timber yard by taunting school children, Otis Piggott and Dora Southerly. The deserted timber yard is a bone of contention between the local residents of Elverton; they are bitterly divided by plans to open a Goodfare supermarket in the village. Frank indulged in some of the local 'pursuits' and Barnaby and Jones must try to discover who stabbed him to death and why.
9.7 Death in Chorus Sarah Hellings David Lawrence 3 September 2006
Local choir member, Connor Simpson, is found dead in his cottage. A pig's heart and unsavoury message lie as evidence in his kitchen bin. The Midsomer Worthy choir is competing in the Four Choir's Competition and the choir master, Laurence Barker, seems to be taking it all a little too seriously. Has the rivalry between Aston Wherry and Midsomer Worthy got out of control?
9.8 Last Year's Model Richard Holthouse David Hoskins 17 September 2006
Annie Woodrow is arrested for the murder of her old school friend, Frances Trevelyan. Ten months later her case comes to court and although Barnaby was the arresting officer, he is still not convinced the full story has come out. It is likely that the prosecution will suggest that Annie was obsessed with Frances's husband John that she is a deluded stalker who will stop at nothing including murder, to obtain the object of her desire. But Annie has always denied having any feelings for John and he too denied any sort of relationship with her. Barnaby is not so sure.
10.1 Dance with the Dead Peter Smith Peter J. Hammond 12 November 2006
Young lovers Simon Bright and Laura Sharp are kissing in the back seat of a Humber car in a disused hangar. The next morning Simon's body is discovered there by Francis Kirby during her morning jog. There is no sign of Laura. Barnaby suspects that Simon may have been involved in a suicide pact, however the evidence tells a different story.
10.2 The Animal Within Renny Rye David Hoskins 19 January 2007
Retired society photographer Rex Masters disappears as his niece Faith Alexander arrives on a visit from America. Miles King, Rex's gardener is shocked when he meets Faith as Rex told everyone that Faith and her entire family had died in a plane crash a year before. The following morning Rex's body is discovered in Crofter's Weir. Barnaby and Jones delve into the village past to uncover the truth.
10.3 King's Crystal Peter Smith Steve Trafford 26 January 2007
The village of Midsomer Magna is devastated by the closure of the King's Crystal glassware factory. The closure comes after the seemingly accidental death of co-owner Alan King. The factory workers are jobless and, left with no financial security, begin to rail against the accountant, Peter Baxter, and the remaining co-owner, Charles King, about their redundancies. When Baxter's body is found in the water meadows stabbed to death with a Masonic dagger, Jones suggests suicide, but the pathologist Dr. Bullard and Barnaby suspect foul play.
10.4 The Axeman Cometh Renny Rye Michael Aitkens 2 February 2007
When Barnaby's favourite rock band, Hired Gun, reform to play a gig at the Midsomer Rocks Festival, paranoid lead singer Gary Cooper is convinced that someone is trying to scare them off and stop the reunion. The guitarist Jack 'Axeman' McKinley and the rest of the band are staying at Gary's estate, Badger's Hall, while they are all in town. As accidents appear to happen around the band members, will Barnaby catch the killer before they are all dead?
10.5 Death and Dust Sarah Hellings Douglas Watkinson 8 May 2007
When Delyth Mostyn announces that she is marrying local doctor James Kirkwood and selling her home to travel the world with him, her children are furious. According to local gossip, James is a serial womaniser who pushed his wife over the edge. Unable to make a house visit one stormy evening, James lends a colleague, Alan Delaney, his new car and Alan goes in his place. When Alan's dead body is discovered the following morning Barnaby and Jones are called in and the investigation leads to North Wales.
10.6 Picture Of Innocence Richard Holthouse Andrew Payne 3 June 2007
When the Luxton Deeping Photographic Society refuses to accept digital images in their annual exhibition, aspiring local photographer Steve Bright is enraged. Steve and his friends regard the traditional method of photography favoured by shop proprietor Headley Madrigal and his friend Lionel Bell as old and antiquated. An intense rivalry and mutual hostility exist between the two groups culminating in a showdown between Lionel and Steve at the exhibition. The next morning Lionel is strangled to death. Barnaby and Jones investigate.
10.7 They Seek Him Here Sarah Hellings Barry Purchese 27 April 2008
When violent criminal George Ince and his associate Jed Norris are employed as security guards at Midsomer Magna Manor where a production of 'The Scarlett Pimpernel' is being filmed, Barnaby and Jones suspect they are planning an inside job. After attending a dinner at the Manor the body of the films director, Nick Chency, is found decapitated on the set. Barnaby and Jones are called in to investigate.
10.8 Death in a Chocolate Box Richard Holthouse Tony Etchells 11 May 2008
Attending a farewell presentation for ex-criminal Ronnie Tyler in Midsomer Holm. a safe haven for reformed offender, Barnaby encounters ex-colleague Jack Colby, Jack and his wife Professor Gina Colby live with Lord Holm at Holm Manor. Gina is fated for her work reforming criminals and Jack is now the administrator of the halfway house. The following morning Jack's body is body bludgeoned to death. With Jones's help, Barnaby has to go back 16 years to solve this mystery.
11.1 Shot at Dawn Richard Holthouse Michael Aitkens 1 January 2008
The Court Marshall and execution of Tommy Hicks for desertion during World War 1, ignites a feud between the Hammonds and the Hicks, which lasts for 90 years. Duggie Hammond always felt guilty about his forced involvement in Tommy's unjust death. During a ceremony at the village war memorial Tommy's son, Lionel, unveils a plague for his father. Colonel Henry Hammond, who supported the execution, finds the ceremony farcical and lets his feelings be known. When Henry is later executed Barnaby and Jones investigate.
11.2 Blood Wedding Peter Smith David Lawrence 6 July 2008
Bledlow village is celebrating the high profile marriage of Sir Ned Fitzroy and Beth Porteous. The wedding reception at Bledlow Hall is buzzing and everything seems to be going well until the Maid of honour, Marina is found pinned to her bedroom wall by a dagger. A fragment of goose quill with a touch of grey is found with the body offering a clue. However when Barnaby and Jones investigate they encounter many hostile witnesses. Will Barnaby be able to find the murderer and give Cully away at her own wedding?
11.3 Left for Dead Renny Rye Michael Crompton 20 July 2008
A company belonging to local business man Jack Purdy is building a bypass through the village of Dunstan. Lynne Fox is organising the protesters and collecting names for a petition opposing the bypass when she finds Ron and Libby Wilson dead in their home. Barnaby and Jones are called in to investigate what appears to be a double murder. When Jack is found dead in his car after his brother's stag do. Barnaby has his work cut out to discover the truth behind these killings.
11.4 Midsomer Life Peter Smith David Hoskins 13 July 2008
An elderly gentleman watching through binoculars, realises that he has been seen and turns to run. Unfortunately his escape route out of the woods is blocked by a fallen tree. Two weeks later his badly decomposing body is discovered by Brad, a city worker on an off-roading trip with his friends. Who was Charles Finleyson watching and who would want to kill him? Barnaby and Jones investigate.
11.5 The Magician's Nephew Richard Holthouse Michael Russell 27 July 2008
Jean Wildare, magician Aloysius Wilmington's assistant is killed while performing a trick in a children's magic show. As Barnaby and Jones investigate they uncover a world of secret ceremonies and magic circles, namely the Temple of Thoth. When local bookshop owner Hugo Cartwright is also murdered, will Barnaby discover the connection before more victims fall foul of the killer?
11.6 Days of Misrule Renny Rye Elizabeth-Anne Wheal 24 December 2008
Barnaby and Jones are participating in a team building exercise at a local Territorial Army centre when there is a huge explosion at the premises of Parkes Freight. James Parkes, a local womaniser and partner in Parkes Freight, appears to be the target. When Barnaby and Jones investigate they uncover more than a disgruntled ex.
11.7 Talking to the Dead Sarah Hellings David Lawrence 5 May 2010
Sam Nealms, the postman, arrives at a cottage on Linton Pargeter's estate. There is no sign of the inhabitants Stan and Nesta Goodfellow. Molly and Colin Thomas' neighbouring cottage is the same. When Barnaby and Jones investigate they soon learn the history of haunted Monks Barton.
12.1 The Dogleg Murders Richard Holthouse Andrew Payne 22 July 2009
Crisp's Folly, hole 13 at Whiteoaks Golf Club, is unpredictable to say the least. As Alistair Kingslake, Jerry Drinkwater, Ed Monkberry and Miles Tully approach the hole, Kingslake raises the stakes with a £1000 bet, Discovering his ball is not on the fairway, Kingslake enters the woods to find it. When Drinkwater follows a few moments later, he discovers his body beaten to death. Barnaby and Jones investigate and uncover some sinister secrets at the well-to-do club.
12.2 The Black Book Peter Smith Nicholas Martin 5 August 2009
Felicity Law approaches Anthony Prideaux to sell a painting she found in her attic by Midsomer artist Henry Hogson. Anthony tries to con her into selling it for a trifling amount, however Felicity is not one to be conned and offers the painting for sale by auction. Despite Patricia Blackshaw's best efforts on behalf of the Hogson Society, she is outbid. When Felicity is found strangled and tortured, Barnaby and Jones investigate and learn a lot more than art.
12.3 Secrets and Spies Renny Rye Michael Aitkens 29 July 2009
Allenby House has become an MI-6 Safe house for visiting dignitaries and spooks. When Geoffrey Larkin, a guest at Allenby House, is invited to play in the local cricket match, old rivalries are rekindled and, as referee, it is up to Barnaby to keep the flames under control. When Larkin is found dead on the cricket pitch, Barnaby finds all avenues blocked by the official Secrets' Act and MI-6 red tape.
12.4 The Glitch Richard Holthouse Michael Russell 23 September 2009
Barnaby and Jones are investigating the infamous 'Bucketman' attacks, in which fast cars and their drivers are covered in red paint, most of whom work for Soft Earth Systems Inc. Meanwhile, George Jeffers has discovered a catastrophic glitch in the air traffic control system Soft Earth is launching, however Clinton Finn, the firm's owner, is determined to release the technology regardless. When an attempt is made on Jeffers's life, Barnaby and Jones step up their investigation.
12.5 Small Mercies Peter Smith Peter J. Hammond 28 October 2009
When a body is found in the quiet Midsomer village of Little Worthy, it is only the start of things to come. The mysterious murder triggers a dark series of events which see Barnaby and Jones uncovering affairs' tragedy and long-held family secrets. The busy body Compton sisters do not want to see the village change, however the tawdry web of relationships within the community lead to complications. with dire consequences. Are there one too many dysfunctional families in Little Worthy? Can Barnaby uncover the truth to protect the people of this 'model' village?
12.6 The Creeper Renny Rye Andrew Payne 27 January 2010
Midsomer has been hit with a wave of burglaries by a master house-thief who defies even stringent home security and has been dubbed 'The Creeper'. It is only when the Chief Constable is on the receiving end that Barnaby is called into action and, when a body is found, the investigation moves from petty theft to personal agendas. Barnaby is convinced there is more to discover, unravelling the long-standing social affairs and gentry and gangsters alike in his quest to stop 'The Creeper'.
12.7 The Great and the Good Richard Holthouse David Hoskins 14 April 2010
Preparations are in full swing for the village's annual fundraising evening, Frobisher night. However, Connie Bishop, chairman of the Frobisher Charity Committee and regular sleepwalker, is convinced she has an intruder and frequently disturbs the peaceful village screaming for help. She confides to Barnaby that she may have been dreaming but other villagers have seen someone loitering. When a body is discovered at the end of Connie's garden, Barnaby and Jones must get to the bottom of this disturbing mystery before anyone else is killed.
13.1 The Made-to-Measure Murders Peter Smith Andrew Payne 12 May 2010
Milton Cross is a Midsomer village owned by Edward Milton. Many of the villagers are beholden to Milton for their livelihoods and their homes and as such do what they can to appease him. Woodley and Woodley, the local bespoke tailors, are waiting to find out if their lease will be renewed, however Sonia Woodley has found something which could jeopardise the shop. When she is found murdered, her unusual wounds perplex Bullard and Barnaby finds himself investigating a village living in fear.
13.2 The Sword of Guillaume Renny Rye Michael Aitkens 10 February 2010
The Mayors of Causton and Brighton have agreed a deal for Causton to buy a plot of land in Brighton for the less fortunate of its residents. Barnaby is convinced the deal with benefit Causton's mayor more than its residents and so digs a little deeper, involving his cousin John Barnaby, the DCI in Brighton. When local business man Hugh Dalgleish is decapitated on a trip to Brighton, Barnaby finds himself investigating much more than dodgy deals.
13.3 Blood on the Saddle Richard Holthouse David Lawrence 8 September 2010
Ford Florey is a town with a Wild West Society and many grudges. During a Wild West show at the local faire, the witch on the 'Dunk the Witch stall is well and truly dunked. Laughter turns to horror when she doesn't get up and the water in the tank starts to turn red. Barnaby and Jones need to be quick to track down the murderer.
13.4 The Silent Land Peter Smith Peter J. Hammond 22 September 2010
On a dark night in the village of March Magna, Barnaby's wife Joyce swerves her car to narrowly miss a shadowy figure in the road. Or so she thinks. Later that night a body is discovered in the old cemetery. Did Joyce hit someone after all or was the victim, who seems to have plenty of enemies, killed by one of the villagers? Barnaby and Jones have their work cut out as all the villagers seem to be hiding something - but is it murder?
13.5 Master Class Renny Rye Nicholas Martin 6 October 2010
Piano student Zoe Stock has won a place at the Devington Manor Winter School led by internationally renowned musician Sir Michael Fielding. From the riverbank in the grounds of the manor she sees a woman jump from the bridge and disappear underwater. When Barnaby and Jones start investigating the possible drowning they discover unsavoury connections to the past that could prove lethal twenty years' later. But can they intervene before the body count escalates and will the talented Zoe survive her master class?
13.6 The Noble Art Richard Holthouse Barry Purchese 13 October 2010
When local hero turned World Champion boxer, John Kinsella returns to Midsomer he manages to ruffle more than a few feathers. And then a series of murders begins. With a reconstruction of the first ever world title fight taking place at Morchard Manor is the perfect cover to ensure John himself is out for the count? Looking for a motive as well as the truth proves more difficult than ever and the murders continue.
13.7 Not in My Back Yard Peter Smith J.C. Wilsher 12 January 2011
A planning dispute at an open garden event at Swanscombe House turns to murder after a leading light in the Midsomer Conservation Society suspects her neighbours are involved in a money-making development scam. Political wrangling, burglaries and sexual liaisons abound in picturesque Great Pelfe - but why is someone driven to start killing?
13.8 Fit For Murder Renny Rye Andrew Payne 2 February 2011
A rejuvenating Spa break turns out to be anything but for Barnaby and his wife, as the country hotel soon becomes a murder scene. As Barnaby investigates, he also has personal matters on his mind and his upcoming birthday leads him to question where his future lies.
14.1 Death in the Slow Lane Richard Holthouse Michael Aitkens 23 March 2011
New DCI John Barnaby arrives in Midsomer and is bemused by the quaint villages and their quirky residents. But when a local DJ is crushed to death at a traditional girls' boarding school, he soon discovers that murder and deception are never far away. As the death toll rises, could Barnaby's first case also be his last?
14.2 Dark Secrets Simon Langton Michael Aitkens 30 March 2011
The reclusive lives of elderly eccentrics William and Mary Bingham (Edward Fox and Phyllida Law) comes under police scrutiny when a social services investigator (Jeff Rawle) is murdered. Barnaby and Jones must unearth generations of family secrets and decipher astronomical charts to find the killer.
14.3 Echoes of the Dead Nick Laughland Peter J. Hammond 20 April 2011
When a young woman is dressed like a bride and drowned in a bath, it triggers a spate of ghoulish wedding-themed murders in Great Worthy. The case takes Barnaby and Jones to a donkey sanctuary, a heritage steam railway and a pub run by an ex-copper and former brothel madam. With the serial killer still at large, could history be repeating itself?
14.4 The Oblong Murders Renny Rye David Hoskins 25 May 2011
Jones goes undercover at the Oblong Foundation after one of the cult's young female members disappears suddenly. But he and Barnaby soon start digging into an old case involving the death of a couple in a boat explosion.
14.5 The Sleeper Under The Hill Nick Laughland David Lawrence 21 September 2011
In Midsomer Mow, the gruesome discovery of a farmer's eviscerated body in an ancient stone circle is made just days before the spring equinox.
14.6 The Night of the Stag Simon Langton Nicholas Martin 12 October 2011
A VAT inspector goes missing as he hunts for an illicit cider still responsible for brewing The Beast, a potent local hooch. At the Midsomer Abbas spring fayre which celebrates its friendship with Midsomer Herne, Barnaby and Jones sample the local cider, while temperance preacher Norman Grigor calls on residents to repent of their drunken ways. Suddenly, Barnaby is violently ill as the body of missing man Peter Slim is found floating in the cider vat. Meanwhile Samuel Quested (Warren Clarke), the traditionalist mayor of Midsomer Abbas, seeks to revive the ancient rite known as 'The Stag'.
14.7 A Sacred Trust Renny Rye Rachel Cuperman and Sally Griffiths 26 October 2011
Barnaby and Jones investigate the cloistered world of Midsomer Priory when a nun is strangled to death. The detectives uncover a complex mystery involving holy orders, teenage romantic liaisons, African art and missing antique silver as the community is forced to open its doors to 21st-century policing.
14.8 A Rare Bird Nick Laughland Steve Trafford 11 January 2012
A row between keen birdwatchers in Midsomer-in-the-Marsh turns nasty when their president is killed. Patrick Morgan met his death while hoping to sight a rare bird, but is his obsession with ornithology to blame – or something more sinister?
15.1 The Dark Rider Alex Pillai Michael Aitkens 1 February 2012
When Bentham DeQuetteville falls to his death from a roof after seeing a headless horseman, his aristocratic family seem more concerned about their forthcoming Civil War re-enactment than the incident. As Barnaby and Jones try to find out the truth behind the ghostly figure, their investigation uncovers shocking secrets about the DeQuettevilles.
15.2 Murder of Innocence Renny Rye Elizabeth-Anne Wheal 21 March 2012
When a barrister is killed in Midsomer, suspicion falls on convicted murderer Grady Felton. Grady has just returned to the village of Binwell where he committed the murder years ago amid much anger from locals. But Grady has a solid alibi. Barnaby suspects he is working with an accomplice – until Grady himself is targeted in an arson attack.
15.3 Written in the Stars Renny Rye Steve Trafford 25 September 2012
(need synopsis)
15.4 Death and the Divas Nick Laughland Rachel Cuperman and Sally Griffiths 2 January 2013
(need synopsis)
15.5 The Sicilian Defence Alex Pillai Paul Logue 9 January 2013
(need synopsis)
15.6 Schooled in Murder Andy Hay Lisa Holdsworth 30 January 2013
(need synopsis)
16.1 The Christmas Haunting Nick Laughland Chris Murray 24 December 2013
(need synopsis)
16.2 Let Us Prey Alex Pillai Paul Logue 8 January 2014
(need synopsis)
16.3 Wild Harvest Renny Rye Rachel Cuperman & Sally Griffiths 29 January 2014
(need synopsis)
16.4 The Flying Club Luke Watson Michael Aitkens 5 February 2014
(need synopsis)
16.5 The Killings of Copenhagen Alex Pillai Paul Logue 12 February 2014
(need synopsis)
17.1 The Dagger Club Alex Pillai Chris Murray 28 January 2015
(need synopsis)
17.2 Murder by Magic Charles Palmer Rachel Cuperman & Sally Griffiths 4 February 2015
(need synopsis)
17.3 The Ballad of Midsomer County Renny Rye Paul Logue 11 February 2015
(need synopsis)
17.4 A Vintage Murder Nick Laughland Lisa Holdsworth 18 February 2015
(need synopsis)
18.1 Habeas Corpus Alex Pillai Rachel Cuperman & Sally Griffiths 6 January 2016
(need synopsis)
18.2 The Incident at Cooper Hill Renny Rye Paul Logue 13 January 2016
(need synopsis)
18.3 Breaking the Chain Rob Evans Chris Murray 27 January 2016
(need synopsis)
18.4 A Dying Art Matt Carter Jeff Povey 3 February 2016
(need synopsis)
18.5 Saints and Sinners Renny Rye Lisa Holdsworth 10 February 2016
(need synopsis)
18.6 Harvest of Souls Nick Laughland Caleb Ranson 17 February 2016
(need synopsis)
19.1 The Village That Rose from the Dead Nick Laughland Rachel Cuperman & Sally Griffiths 18 December 2016
(need synopsis)
19.2 Crime and Punishment Renny Rye Paul Logue 4 January 2017
(need synopsis)
19.3 Last Man Out Matt Carter Jeff Povey 11 January 2017
(need synopsis)
19.4 Red in Tooth & Claw Steve Hughes Lisa Holdsworth 18 January 2017
(need synopsis)
19.5 Death by Persuasion Alex Pillai Chris Murray 20 August 2017(AUS)
(need synopsis)
19.6 The Curse of the Ninth Matt Carter Julia Gilbert 27 August 2017(AUS)
(need synopsis)