Jones goes undercover at the Oblong Foundation after one of the cult's young female members disappears suddenly. But he and Barnaby soon start digging into an old case involving the death of a couple in a boat explosion. Last appearance of Dr. George Bullard

Dianne Price is drowned in the style of the Brides in the Bath murders of almost a century earlier. Blessed Be the Bride is scrawled in lipstick on her bathroom mirror. Her grieving flatmate Jo,who works at a donkey sanctuary run by hard-drinking Liz Tomlin and her antagonistic son Sam,takes the opportunity to escape her voyeuristic landlord Bernard Flack to move in with vet Fran Carter but Fran too is killed,also in a copycat murder from the 1930s,again bridal-related. Pub landlord Matt Rowntree,an ex-cop,is married to Nikki,a former madame whose girls specialized in dressing up fantasies,which arouses Barnaby's suspicions but then an elderly couple are slain,with Just Married daubed on their car and Bridal Suite on the door. Bernard's voyeurism actually saves Jo's life as he calls the police to arrest the murderer,out to claim a fifth victim.

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