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Laura Howard as Cully Barnaby in The Killings at Badger's Drift
Laura Howard as Cully Dixon in The Killings at Badger's Drift



First episode

The Killings at Badger's Drift

Last episode

Fit For Murder


Tom Barnaby (father)

Joyce Barnaby (mother)

John Barnaby

Sarah Barnaby


Simon Dixon (husband)

Cully Dixon (née Barnaby) is the daughter of Tom and Joyce Barnaby. She is married to Simon Dixon. Tom's and Joyce's only child takes her first name from a village on Lake Geneva in Switzerland, where she was conceived during her parents' honeymoon. She is an inquisitive and bold young woman, who seems to have inherited many of her parents' friendly attitudes and community spirit. Early in the series she attended Cambridge University and dated a drama student, Nico. This fell through and she returned to live with her parents in Causton. She is an actress and frequently takes temporary jobs in the Midsomer area when "resting" between assignments. Like her mother, her tendency to do community work often leaves her personally involved with the murders that take place. She meets Simon in the Axeman Cometh, and marries him in Blood Wedding. Actress Laura Howard was said to have left the show after The Magician's Nephew, but Cully appeared again in The Glitch and The Silent Land. She made her final appearance in Fit For Murder.

Personality and appearanceEdit


Tom Barnaby Edit

Tom Barnaby is the father of Cully.

Joyce Barnaby Edit

Joyce Barnaby is the mother of Cully.

John Barnaby Edit

John Barnaby is Cully's first cousin once removed.

Sarah Barnaby Edit

Sarah Barnaby is John's wife.

George BullardEdit

Gavin TroyEdit

Dan ScottEdit

Ben JonesEdit

Simon Dixon Edit

Simon Dixon is Cully's husband. 

Relationships with menEdit

Cully has been through a series of relationships with men, all have which have been unsuccessful. There was a hint of attraction between her and DS Gavin Troy; they even kissed in Death and Dreams although their relationship never went any further after that as they were the ones who unfortunately found the next body.

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