Brenda Buckley was the daughter of Reg and Felicity Buckley and a neighbour of Alan and Simone Hollingsworth. She was murdered in 1998.


When Simone was kidnapped and held for ransom, Brenda attempted to comfort Alan by making him a shepherd's pie, which he later buried in his garden. Days later, Brenda took a day trip to Causton and witnessed Alan delivering the ransom money to the kidnappers. She the saw that Simone herself was in the plot and was scamming Alan.

While returning home, Brenda was driving through the woods when Simone and her accomplice appeared in a car behind her and rammed into the back of her. Brenda realised that they were trying to force her off the road and screamed in fear. They eventually succeeded and Brenda was subsequently killed when her car shunted under a logging lorry.