Bantling Boy Opening Titles
Bantling Boy Opening Titles

First broadcast

16th Janruary 2005

Written by

Steve Trafford

Directed by

Sarah Hellings

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Bantling Boy is an episode of Midsomer Murders. It was first shown on the 16th January 2005. It recieved 8.80 million viewers.

Full plot synopsis

The champion racehorse Bantling Boy was bequeathed to a four-man syndicate by the late Lord Hartley of Bantling Hall. The members are Bruce Hsrtley, his son, Dr. John Osgood, his doctor, Trevor Machin, his gardener and Joanna Craxton, his nurse. After a successful day at the races, millionaire Sam Tate offers £500,000 for Bantling Boy, but Bruce angrily attacks him, wanting to keep him. Joanna and Trevor are desperate to sell Bantling Boy to clear up their debts, but Bruce and Osgood are equally keen to keeep. Seeing as the syndicate needs a complete agreement for any action to be taken, the meeting reaches a tense stalemate. Bruce defiantly declares that Bantling Boy will be sold over "My dead body!" On a top 10 list of things not to say in Midsomer, that must rank pretty high. After insulting his mother, uncle, wife and an embittered jockey, Bruce visits Bantling Boy's stable, where he is struck over the head with a hammer by an unseen assailant and killed. Barnaby and Scott investigate the syndicate, and Osgood implies that the group doesn't just own a horse, but protects something else. However, before he can divulge more, Osgood is killed in a similar manner to Bruce, except this time a pedant cloth is wrapped around his mouth like a gag. Who was it trying to 'shut him up'? Barnaby realises Osgood's murder emulates the crest of Bantling Hall, the hammer and pedant. Barnaby finally makes the connection between the murders, but can he unmask the vengeful, psychotic killer in time?

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